The Great Disposable Diaper Debate

When I first looked into cloth diapering, I automatically knew that it would be better for the environment and save money in the long run.  It just seemed absurd to me that anyone would think otherwise.

Then my sister, always playing Devil's Advocate, argued that cloth diapers cost more because you need to consider the electrical, water and sewer costs associated with laundering cloth diapers.  Then she went on to point out that the waste water run off from laundering cloth diapers is also bad for the environment.

In any case, I feel that all this is negligible and that cloth diapering is still better than disposables.  If you see my earlier blog of Cloth Diaper Savings, I prove that you still save using cloth even when you take into consideration all the laundering costs associated.

Another great resource to read is "The Great Disposable Diaper Debate" which can be found at:

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