Try cloth diapers: RISK FREE!

Want to try cloth diapers?  Unsure if you can handle the “ick” factor.  Already using cloth diapers but want to try another brand or type?  Worried that you will spend a lot of money, and decide cloth is not for you?  We want hesitant cloth enthusiasts to at least try cloth diapering, so this program has been created just for you!!

Try cloth diapers for 30 days on us.  If you decide that cloth is not for you, simply wash and dry any used pieces and return them for store credit.  This is your opportunity to find the right cloth diapers for your baby with no risk. Please return the entire product (including free inserts) for store credit and shop our great selection of other products.
  1. Applies to all cloth diapers, training pants, and diaper covers (does not include disposable products).
  2. Please contact us at for a RMA# before returning your items. 
  3. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.  We strongly suggest you get Delivery Confirmation and/or Insure your package so it can be tracked. We are not responsible for return packages we do not receive. 
  4. Used returns must be postmarked within 30 days of the shipping date and MUST include a copy of the RMA slip, which will be e-mailed to you.
  5. All used returns MUST be clean and free of odors, pet hair, smoke, dirt, rips, tears, and stains.
  6. Please understand that you will receive STORE CREDIT ONLY for returns made under the Buy & Try Program. This allows us to keep the program at 30 days and not a shorter duration.  It allows you to try various cloth diapers and decide which brand and style fits your baby best, and return the ones that don’t work. You can use the store credit to buy the diapers you do like, or purchase our other baby care items, such as, skin care products, slings/carriers, or nursing items.
  7. Store credit will be for the purchase price.  Original shipping costs will not be reimbursed.
  8. Usually returns are handled within a couple of days of us receiving them, but please do allow up to 2 weeks for processing.
  9. Buy & Try Program does NOT apply to USED items.
  10. Diaper Packages must be returned complete. If package is not complete then full retail charges as if purchased individually will apply.

Dont want store credit?  We have another option for you!!! 

Try the Buy & Try Diaper trial package.  It will only cost $20!

I remember how it felt to start cloth diapering.  Overwhelmed by all the choices, no clue where to start and scared I was gonna waste money buying the wrong thing.

The Buy and Try Cloth Diaper Trial was created just for you!  It gives you a variety of products to try RISK FREE for 30 days from date of receipt!

To participate, the program fee is $20.  A deposit of $150 is required to cover the cost of the products delivered.
Within 30 days you can return the entire order, excluding free gifts (those are yours to keep), and get your $150 deposit refunded.  The $20 program fee is not refundable, unless you decide to keep the entire order.

The 30 day trial begins the day it is delivered to your home, NOT the day you placed the order.

If you decide to keep part of the order, you will be refunded $150 less the retail price of the items you kept.  For example, if you returned everything except the baby size Snappi fastener, you would be refunded $150 - $5.75 = $144.25.

What items come in the trail package?

    * 1 Econobum: Single Pack (1 Diaper Cover/1 Prefold)
    * 1 Organic Flannelette Contour Diaper - One Size Fits All
    * 2 Diaper Covers (1 Imse Vimse diaper cover & 1 bummis)
    * 1 Snappi double pack
    * 2 Pocket Diapers (1 Fuzzibunz Perfect Size & 1 bumGenius 4.0)
    * 2 All-In-One Diapers (Imse Vimse and/or Oso Cozy depending on availability)
    * 1 Wetbag
    * FREE Hemp doubler
    * FREE Raw Silk Liner
    * FREE Flushable Liners (100+ sheets)
    * FREE Shipping

You get $200 worth of cloth diapering products for only $150. This equates to 7 complete diapers, which may be enough to diaper for 1 day.  The amount of cloth diapers needed depends on the age of your baby. Newborns go through more cloth diapers then an older baby. A good rule of thumb is 10-12 cloth diapers per day multiplied by the number of days between washes.


  • Customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping.
  • Customer must follow manufacturer washing instructions.
  • Customer is responsible for lost or damaged diapers/items.
  • Diapers must be returned clean and odor free.
  • Return of package must be postmarked within 45 days of receipt in order to receive a refund.


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