Online Scavenger Hunt

Ju-Ju Monkey is proud to be a sponsor of the Green Quiz Quest.  The Green Quiz Quest is an online scavenger hunt that brings green companies and customers together. The Quest will offer the fun of the Scavenger Hunt with the reward of prizes for Seekers and offer additional traffic and new clients for the Sponsors.

Their goal with the Quest is to help customers find some great new websites that offer everything from “green” products to blogs and informational sites that help them and their families go green and help protect our precious Earth.

The next Green Quiz Quest runs from January 1, 2011 to January 31, 2011. SEEKERS REGISTER HERE!

How it works:Green Quiz Quest Riddle Solved
  • Seekers register a user account on our website. On January 1st the Quest officially begins the riddles on the Seekers Quest page will be unlocked.
  • To complete the Quest Seekers use the riddles provided and a link to the Sponsors websites and go in search of our Riddle Solved icon.
  • Once found you simply click the icon it takes you back to our website and logs that icon as found.
They are having Pre-Quest Contests daily between now and then.  Try your luck to win free prizes in a fun way!