Sticker Shock over the cost of cloth diapers?

I know that a lot of people's jaws drop when they hear what just one cloth diaper, or a better word a "re-usable diaper", costs.

On the high end of the spectrum, the very popular FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Diaper is priced at $21.95.

"What? How much? Well, how many do I really need?" is a typical response.  Most people are expecting the answer to be around 6.

As most of you who already use re-usable diapers know, you need a good stash to be effiecient.  I would say around 30 diapers makes laundry easier and keeps the chance of being stuck with out a diaper to a minimum.

That would mean the investment in cloth diapers would be $21.95 x 30 =$659.  Of course, there are more economical ways to cloth diaper, such as pre-folds and covers.
Econobum: Full Kit (3 covers, 12 PFs, 1 Wetbag) costs $48.95 and you would only need 2 of them. So at a minimum investment of $48.95 x 2 = $98 you can get a great start at using re-usable diapers.

For more details on costs, and the debate of disposable vs cloth, please see my previous posts.  For this blog entry I wanted to put things in a different perspective.

Your child will use about 10,470 diapers from birth to potty training! That blew my mind when I stopped to think about it.  Now if you used disposable diapers, those 10, 470 diapers would have cost you around $4,100.

Already notice that $4,100 is a whole lot more than the $659 you invested in re-usable diapers.

That also means that 1 of your re-usable diapers will be used 349 times! (10,470 diaper changes / 30 diapers)

A disposable diaper will cost you about 39 cents ea. use

A re-usable diaper will cost you 6 cents ea. use, if using a FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Diaper or only 1 cent for a pre-fold!

Any thoughts?


  1. Starting newborns with the cloth diapering practice is beneficial to both parent (in this case aunt) and baby - for one thing it saved money from the beginning without buying sizes he would have to wait to grow into or grow out of so quickly.


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