How to Make Cloth Diaper's Easy for Everyone

More people are switching to cloth everyday due to modern conveniences such as diaper liners and diaper sprayers.

The Diaper Sprayer

Below is a video of my favorite diaper sprayer, the FLO diaper sprayer, brought to you by Swaddlebees & Blueberry.


Obviously the diaper sprayer is a luxury item and is optional, but after seeing that don't you want one?  If you know someone who cloth diapers and does not have one, this would be a great gift.  Most likely they wanted one, but did not want to splurge :)

The Flushable Liner

Flushable liners look like a translucent paper towel, except softer and designed to hold poop.

To use them, place the flushable liner on top of the cloth diaper. It will be sandwiched between your baby and the diaper if laid correctly.

When your baby has a bowel movement, the solids will be on the liner and you can simply pick up the soiled liner and flush it in the toilet. If you have septic, then it would be best to throw in a waste basket.

What is left behind is just a wet diaper to be placed into the laundry bag.

Some mom's choose to use liners at every diaper change. Others use it only when they are out and about, or when their baby is regular and they can predict when the next bowel movement may be.

It may be beneficial to use flushable liners after birth during the newborn stage, as your baby will have at least 12 diaper changes a day. One a toddler, your baby may only go once a day during a regular interval, you may use the liner only when you anticipate a messy diaper.

One circumstance every family should definitely use a flushable liner, is when a diaper cream is being used, even if it is labeled as cloth diaper safe.  The reason for using a diaper cream is to put a waterproof barrier on your baby's skin so that it will be less prone to irritation when in contact with urine for extended periods of time.  Keyword being "waterproof".

If it makes your baby's skin waterproof, wouldn't it stand to reason that if it comes in contact with your diapers, those too will become waterproof?  Well waterproof is the exact opposite of what we want in a diaper.  We want ABSORBENCY and lots of it!  So to prevent any of it from getting on your diaper, you should first use a plant based diaper cream as those are more water soluble than fish oil or petroleum based creams/ointments.  Secondly, always use a liner, whether it be flushable or reusable.

I do not suggest using a diaper cream or ointment as a preventative measure, unless directed by your doctor.  The use of a diaper cream should be saved for when there actually is a skin irritation, or if your baby sleeps through the night and wakes up with slight diaper rash.  Then you may choose to rub a thin layer of diaper cream deep into your baby's skin.


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