Fioriglio's Fun Adventures with a Fab Fitted

When I found out  Thirsties makes a fitted diaper, I asked Sara to order one for me to try. Thirsties diaper covers are the best I've tried, and I hoped their Duo Fab Fitted wouldn't disappoint either. Its outer is soft cotton velour and the inner is microfleece to keep your baby's bum feeling dry. They are come in several colors- yellow, purple, blue, green, orange, and white, and 2 sizes- one (6-18 lbs) and two (18-40 lbs). They have a snap down rise and come in snap and aplix closures.
This fitted is different from others I've seen, in that it has a "tunnel" under the microfiber soaker. This decreases drying time and makes using doublers for extra absorbency much easier. Once my fitted was prepped (just washed and dried once), I put it on my son. The fit was great and quite trim compared to other fitteds I've used. I really wanted to use a wool cover with it, but I put a Thirsties Duo Wrap over it just to see how it fit. Perfect! So I took the Duo Wrap off and put wool longies on my very active 14 month old. He ran around for several hours with no leaks and no fit issues.
I washed and dried my fitted again and put it to the true test- overnight. For this I added a  Thirsties Fab doubler over a Hemp Babies doubler in the "tunnel". I used a wool cover again, and again the fit was trim (which is unusual for a stuffed overnight diaper!). In the morning, my son wasn't soaked through!
I would definitely recommend the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted for both daytime and nighttime use. And at a $17 price point, it's much more affordable than many of the fitteds on the market and works just as well. I'm going to get one for my 2 month old next!=

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Andrea is a SAHM to 2 handsome boys, born January 2013 and January 2014. She enjoys sewing, knitting, and rooting for the Phillies. Andrea has been using cloth diapers since her first son was 2 months old, and hasn't looked back since! 


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