Local Mom's Experience with Lunette

I have been considering trying a menstrual cup for about a year now and after a discussion in an online forum, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.  I am 42-years-old and I have dreaded getting my period every month since it started, because of the messiness and the cramping, so it seemed like it was time to try something new.

Sara at Ju-Ju Monkey recommended the Lunette cup, because she said it was easier to use and more comfortable.  This is probably a good time to tell you that I really am not a fan of tampons, so I had some hesitation about how well I would do with the insertion and comfort once in was in place.  I took it home, put it in a bowl of boiling water to sterilize it and put it in its cute little pouch to wait for day one.

When I went to Ju-Ju Monkey to pick up the Lunette, Sara showed me the tulip fold for the cup, which is pushing one side all the way in and then wrapping the other sides around so that it looks like a tulip.  That's the fold that I went with on day one and it is the one that I stayed with the whole time.  I folded it as tightly as I could, held it by the base and inserted it.  I was AMAZED at how easily it went in, actually, I was nervous that I did the insertion wrong after talking to a friend who struggled with a Diva cup, but it was in correctly.
Shell fold or Punch down fold for Lunette menstrual cup
I have a moderately heavy flow and I changed my cup when I got up, mid-afternoon and soon before bedtime and I had zero leaks.  The cup was very comfortable and the only discomfort that I had was very mild one time when I didn't have the cup inserted deeply enough.  I just did what I think of as a sumo wrestler stance for a few seconds and when I stood back up, it was in the perfect position and I couldn't feel it.

My biggest concern was cleaning it out and here is my opinion on that – this cup has changed my life.  When I wore pads, for at least two of the days, I would end up with a mess on me and the toilet seat when I was done, which I hated.  Plus dealing with wrapping up the pads and dealing with the garbage... blech.  With the Lunette, I just took it out slowly while tipping it back toward the toilet, dumped it in, wiped it out with toilet paper, rinsed and reinserted.  Nothing on me, nothing on the toilet seat.

I do have some tips that might help when you are getting started with your cup.  When you are inserting, try to keep it folded tightly while holding near the base to make insertion the easiest.  For cleaning, the outside of the cup stays clean, so all you really need to do is stick a big piece of toilet paper inside after you dump it and that will soak up most of what is in there, you really don't have to deal with it even as much as with tampons.

Here is my most important tip...  When you are removing the cup, give your kegels a little bit of a workout and push down gently until you can get a good grip on the stem.  Keep pushing just a little and then relax.  If you push too hard, you will shoot it out quicker than you think (voice of experience here).  Also, keep it tilted back so that anything that is in it spills into the toilet and not onto the seat (again, learn from my mistakes).

After your period has finished, you just boil water and pour over the Lunette cup and let it sit for ten minutes to sterilize it.  Then put it back in its cute little pouch for next month.
More tips on cleaning your Lunette Cup can be found here.

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 Shay is a work-at-home mom of a 6-year-old boy. She is a graphic designer by trade and also spends a lot of time crafting.