We had so much fun playing with our newborn diapers!  In the months leading to the birth of our third baby, I stocked up on every type of newborn diaper I could get my hands on!  I’ve given a list of pros and cons for each one to make it easier to choose a brand and style you think you’d like.

(My husband’s favorite!)

 Pros:                                                                         Cons:
-Cord snapdown                                                        -Microfiber
-Quick dry                                                                  -Short rise
-Easy fit with one snap on waist tabs
-Stay dry inner

(My favorite!)

Pros:                                                                         Cons:
-Cotton                                                                        -If inside not tucked correctly, can
-Cord snapdown                                                               wick onto clothing        
-Fit up to 16 lbs                                                          -No stay-dry liner
-Trim fit                                                                       -$$
-Easy to add absorbency

Prefold (use with cover)
(Budget friendly!)

Pros:                                                                         Cons:
-$$                                                                               -Late night changes (too many 
-Easy to clean/dry/troubleshoot                                         parts to put together with
-Easy to get a good fit                                                        folding/cover/snappi/liner)
-Easy to add absorbency                                             -No stay-dry liner built in

SloombSnapless Fitted 5-15 lbs (use with cover)
(Best for overnight!)

Pros:                                                                         Cons:
-Super absorbent                                                        -$$
-Easy fit with snappi/pins                                            -Easy to misplace doubler
-Great for overnight                                                     -No stay-dry liner built in
-Extra doubler for absorbency

Diaper Covers- weight range depends on brand

Pros:                                                                         Cons:
-Can reuse several times before washing                      -If poop gets on cover, you need 
-Fit wide size range depending on brand                             to wash it
                                                                                       -No cord snapdown, but can fold    
                 down rise on aplix covers

Tots Bots Tinis 5-14 lbs
(Perfect for preemies!)

Pros:                                                                    Cons:
-Extra doubler for absorbency                                     -$$
-Quick dry                                                                    -Microfiber
-Aplix closure makes for an easy fit                                         
-Stay dry liner

(Perfect for preemies and easy to use!)

Pros:                                                                         Cons:
-Trim                                                                             -Not able to add doubler
-Aplix closure makes for an easy fit                             -Not as absorbent as others
-Quick dry                                                                     -Smallest weight range
-Stay dry inner
-Great for quick changes

(Best for chubby babies!)

Pros:                                                                         Cons:
-Widest weight range                                                     -Need to purchase absorbency
-Use as cover or pocket                                                 -No cord snapdown
-Stuff with anything                                               
-Great for the transition between
    newborn and one-size diapers
-Stay dry liner
-Don’t need to unstuff (agitates out in wash)

Pros:                                                                         Cons:
-Easy to add absorbency                                                -No cord snapdown
-Easy to use                                                                    -Need to stuff with inserts after wash
-Wide weight range                                                         -Microfleece inner sometimes
                                                                                             sticks out of leg holes and can 
                                                                                             wick onto clothing

As you can see, each diaper has different qualities to it, and we liked all of them! 

If you’re just starting to use cloth with your first newborn, I recommend you purchase the newborn diaper rental from Ju-Ju Monkey.  It’s an amazing resource to find out what styles of diaper your family prefers, and also if you will continue using cloth (but after seeing your baby in one of these tiny diapers, why wouldn’t you love it??).  The rental runs for 2 months and you can keep it for additional months for an extra fee (this comes in handy if you have a small baby or preemie!). 

If you’ve already been using cloth on other kids, I recommend getting some of each type of newborn diaper! Honestly, we use all of them for different situations, and even the ones that have a smaller weight range were still in our rotation up to 8 weeks (12 lbs for our kiddo).  In the first few weeks you have SO MANY diaper changes that it’s nice to be able to play around with all the styles and brands, and once you settle into using 6-8 diapers a day, you can do without the ones that baby may have grown out of.  I also suggest specifically buying at least 4 diapers just for overnight use.  Whether that’s the Sloomb snapless fitted (what we use!), prefolds with extra doublers (TidyTots makes a great hemp doubler in smaller sizes!), or another combination you prefer, having a good overnight diaper is key.  And make sure you have enough of them that if you don’t get laundry done, you won’t have to scramble to put something together. Let’s be honest, anything that can get us a little extra sleep in those early weeks is a huge plus!

We’re using cloth on 3 kids right now- 2 toddlers and a newborn, so there are a few things I’ve learned from having so many diapers in rotation.  First, you have to make diapers a family affair.  We do diaper laundry about every other day, so we make it an evening ritual where the kids help hand us diapers to put away.  Hopefully this will subconsciously insert the love of cloth in their minds and they'll use it when they have kids!  

We needed to get some extra things the third time around.  We got an extra pail and liner for our upstairs bathroom (our sprayer and main wetbag are on our first floor), and we now have 4 diaper pail liners so we never have to worry about 2 of them being in the wash and none in the pails.  We didn’t get an extra sprayer for upstairs, so we just bring poopy diapers downstairs.  We also keep the OS diapers separate from the NB diapers.  And whatever you do, DON’T overload your washer!  The diapers won’t get clean and then you’ve either got to re-wash or deal with stink.  Yes, it takes twice as long to do laundry, but it’s worth it in the end (we learned this lesson quickly!). 

Newborns are awesome.  Cloth diapers are awesome.  Newborns WEARING cloth diapers??!!  DOUBLE AWESOME!  Come to Ju-Ju Monkey and check out the possibilities!