Ride on Toys for Toddlers: Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Are you already dreading the long winter months and wondering how you might keep your little one(s) busy when cooped up indoors? 

You are not alone. I have a kid who is always on the move and needs lots of physical play in order to take those blessed mid-day naps. This is why I am always looking for toys that keep him moving; they make him happy, which in turn makes me happy.

Ride-on toys for toddlers are perfect for allowing active play indoors or out, and Ju-Ju Monkey has some great ones. There are many benefits to adding these toys to your home. First of all, they are versatile:

  • Children are interested in them from an early age and can become increasingly adept at using them as they mature physically. 
  • They are movement-based and use gross motor skills. 
  • They also encourage balance and concentration. 
  • Finally, parents will love that there are no batteries or power sources required for any of the ride-on selections offered at Ju-Ju Monkey.

Most homes with kids have ride-on toys for toddlers; usually they are brightly colored plastic “cars” that can also be walkers. Sometimes they also play music or have blinking lights. You may or may not have noticed these because they are a dime a dozen. For as loud as they are, they almost fade into the background in a sea of primary colors and plastic. What are some alternatives? Visit Ju-Ju Monkey and see for yourself! Our selection of ride-on toys is not only plastic-free, but each is unique in look and function. Ju-Ju Monkey has the best ride on toys for toddlers and infants; some are even wooden ride on toys.
The Wheely Bug is the perfect first ride-on toy, providing opportunities for pushing, scooting, and gross motor development.

The first of my favorites is the Wheely Bug. My son received this at his first Christmas when he was only two months old. I had mentioned to my parents that Ju-Ju Monkey had an adorable toy on wheels that was small enough for babies, but sturdy enough for toddlers. Even though my son was an infant, my parents did their new-grandparent-duty and bought him the lady bug version. I was thrilled, excited about the look of the toy in my home, and also happy to have something at the ready for whenever my son became mobile. The wheely bug is perfect for a young walker – my son preferred bending with both hands on the bug’s back while walking with his feet. For a time I tried to steer him more towards the upright walkers, but the Wheely Bug actually seemed more appropriate coming right out of crawling. Now, as a 2 year old, he sits on the bug’s back, holds the handle, and scoots around the house. The wheel design is such that the bug can move in any direction and even spin around. Plus there are several adorable options, and what kid doesn’t love animals?
The Plan Toys Rocking Alligator, made from colorful, sustainable material will be a favorite toy in any toddler's playroom. 

Another favorite ride-on toy  for toddlers sold at Ju-Ju Monkey is the Plan Toys Rocking Alligator. Regular customers will recognize this from our complimentary play area. Much like a rocking horse, the alligator has two rockers with a seat and handles. The colorful gator is made of sustainable materials and is loved by just-mobile babies as well as toddlers who visit the store. In addition to balance, activity, and entertainment, kids can also practice turn-taking when playing with siblings or friends.
The Yomoto is a unique ride-on toy that your toddler will love zooming around on! 

The Yomoto by PrinceLionheart is also sure to entertain any busy body. This is a low ride-on “motorcycle” with a sleek yet simple design. The manufacturer dubs it “the bike before bikes.” It has four wheels for extra balance and is perfect for getting energy out while indoors. I have been eyeing this product for my son since the second it hit Ju-Ju Monkey’s shelves. Any vehicle-loving kid would be thrilled to open this gift!
When your toddler is ready for the next stage, the Prince Lionheart Balance bikes offers practice in balance, coordination, focus, and of course, fun!

Prince Lionheart’s Balance Bikes are the ultimate gift for an always-moving child. Balance bikes have two wheels and encourage the transition from scooting to balancing with feet off the ground. Some say this is a more effective way to learn to ride a bike versus a tricycle because balance is learned before pedaling. Regardless, it keeps little feet moving and also provides the opportunity for focusing on a task (a rare feat for a toddler.) Ju-Ju Monkey provides a free stand with purchase of any Balance Bike. I am planning to start using one with my son because I think it will be a new and exciting activity to introduce. Teaching your child new skills and watching them grow provides a bonding opportunity like none other.

So come into Ju-Ju Monkey this holiday season and check out our selection of ride-on toys for the little busy-body in your life. Happy shopping, rocking, rolling, and gliding!


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