Toy Cars for Toddlers: Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Are you shopping for a vehicle-obsessed toddler or preschooler this holiday season? 

Ju-Ju Monkey is your one stop shop for everything your little elf-on-the-go could possibly want! 

Speaking as a mom of a toddler who can’t get enough wheels, anything that zooms is perfect for almost any child. Not only does he love driving stuff around, we’ve also found that he loves to identify the colors on his cars and trains and has a blast lining all his vehicles up and counting them.

When we’re out and about, I always bring along an engine or two to keep him occupied (a single school bus got us through a nearly 2 hour long bank meeting!), and he happily drives along on anything.  At home, he’ll spend hours “makin’ tracks” which allows me to get stuff done around the house.  The best part about our trains and cars is that they don’t take up much room and single vehicles travel really easily.

So, what do we have in stock for you? We have a wide variety of vehicle toys for different ages, as well as a few sets that include cars, tracks, and trains- great for getting a little engineer started!

Maple Landmark's pull-along elephant is perfect for little hands.
For younger babies and toddlers, we offer a number of adorable wheelie toys.  Maple Landmark makes a sweet little pull-along elephant complete with a handle just right for baby hands to push around.  Grab a dinosaur or two from Plan Toys. Brightly colored and shaped perfectly for little hands, these dinos make great stocking stuffers and can last well into older toddlerhood for pretend play.  A little Haba police car complete with a squeaky siren is perfect for a toddler who loves noise.

For a construction obsessed toddler, we carry several colorful Plan construction vehicles- an excavator, garbage truck, and bulldozer. These toys cars for toddlers are sized perfectly for the tot who still loves to put everything in his or her mouth (i.e. no small parts!).

These toy cars and construction vehicles for toddlers are a huge hit and make a great gift for any tot on your list.

For a wonderful personalized gift for a child of any age, we carry a really fun line of wooden toy trains called Name Trains, made by Maple Landmark Toys. Choose from brightly colored letters and a wide variety of add-on cars , such as wooden boats, buses, trucks, and trains to make the perfect train for your loved one. I know that my son is obsessed with his Name Trains and now, at age 2, has a great time identifying the letters of his name and the colors of the cars. They make a great gift for a new baby for parents to display in a nursery, or for an older toddler, providing hours of fun. The cars are made from rock maple and colored with a non-toxic finish, and their connectors are compatible with most major train systems available today. They also run on a wide variety of tracks.  Better yet, you can continue to add to your child’s Name Train for different occasions as Maple Landmark releases special cars for different holidays.
Our selection of name trains is a great choice for a new baby gift or for a train loving toddler, and double as a teaching tool for letter and color recognition and spelling one's name.

For older toddlers and preschoolers, I love the Plan City collection by Plan Toys. Plan offers a wide variety of well-made and detailed wooden trains, cars, construction vehicles, and trucks that all run on track made by Plan.
The Plan Toys City Helicopter with Pilot makes a fun addition to any little one's transportation collection.
The tracks are reversible with train track on one side and roadway on the other, providing multiple modes of play. Plan’s wooden trains run on several other manufacturers’ tracks and the tracks are fairly interchangeable with other tracks. Plan offers a few different bridge options, available in sets which we carry here at Ju-Ju Monkey. Pick up a set and a few additional trains or trucks and your child will be well on his or her way to many afternoons of fun!  Plan’s attention to detail really impressed me when I made my first purchase. My son has a little fire truck from the collection that has a working lift, and his construction vehicles are all functional- the dump truck actually lifts up and “dumps,” the excavator has a little scoop that swivels, and the steam roller has a working roller. All of Plan’s vehicles are made from wood with non-toxic paint and coloring; no plastic to be found here! Plan also carries a good sized variety of buildings that your child can add to his or her track system, which can be special ordered through Ju-Ju Monkey.

We’d love the opportunity to show you all the things that go here at Ju-Ju Monkey! Be sure to come in before your holiday rolls around and we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect gift for the special child (or children) in your life.