Games & Puzzles: Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Are Games & Puzzles on Santa's List This Year?

Well, Ju-Ju Monkey has got you (and Santa) covered! We've even compiled a list of the best toddler puzzle and game gifts from Plan Toys this season to make shopping for the little monkeys on your list even easier.

  1. Plan Toys Puzzles: These fun and colorful designs make great first wooden puzzles for your little one. The simple shapes and chunky  pieces are perfect for little hands. Available in Marine, Vehicle, and Animal options.
  2. Mini Golf: This a great indoor, active play toy that will help get your little ones through the long winter months. What kid doesn't love a friendly game of mini-golf or the chance to hit a ball around? When the warm weather returns, you'll be happy to set this up in backyard, as well.
  3. Alphabet A-Z and Hand Sign Alphabet and Numbers: This is the gift that keep giving year after year. These wooden alphabet tiles encourage fundamental letter recognition and language development through fun, colorful play. When the basics are mastered, flip the tiles to learn letter sounds with the corresponding pictures or trace the indented letters as an introduction to handwriting. Also available in Hand Sign Alphabet and Hand Sign Numbers
  4. Marble Run: The classic toy with a beautifully colored makeover! It's so much fun to design and build tracks and to watch the marbles spiral and drop down the tracks. Available in Standard and Deluxe Sets.
  5. Gone Fishin': Another classic, wooden game and well-loved toy made with sustainable materials, bright colors, and two skill level adjustments. 
  6. Build-a-Robot: This robot building set is so versatile and great for a wide range of ages! The four interchangeable heads display different emotions, the materials provide tactile and auditory fun, and the legs are position-able...this one is definitely on my list this year!
  7. Uncle Goose Antics Ant Blocks Set: Ok, so this isn't from Plan Toys, but I couldn't make this list without including this gem from Uncle Goose, our favorite maker of wooden cube puzzles and blocks. If you've had the pleasure of stopping in our play area, you and your kiddos may have already discovered how cool these are. Enjoy free play or work to line the ants up with each block. These are always a favorite!
So, there you go! Seven awesome choices to check off your list (and more in-store and at Hurry and grab yours before they're gone!