Pretend Play: Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Give the gift of pretend play this holiday season!

We all have fond memories of pretend play from our childhood; there's just something about transforming into a super hero, dinosaur, veterinarian, or a mini version of our adults that embodies the way children play. Pretend, or dramatic, play provides a valuable opportunity for children to learn about themselves and their environment. Ju-Ju Monkey can help you get your little ones started!

Puppets and Play Silks

Puppets for kids promote cooperative play and imaginative storytelling.
These two playthings go so well together and Ju-Ju Monkey has some amazing quality puppets and silks for you to choose from. The Haba Glove Puppets for kids come in 19 engaging characters such as silly Monster Maz, endearing Grandpa, and adorable Little Red Riding Hood. They are made with detailed cotton outfits and whimsical expressions, and perfect for little hands to manipulate. Puppet-play strengthens language, social, and emotional development. While engaging in imaginative play with their puppets, your child will be imitating language, expressing their emotions, and practicing cooperation and conversational skills- all while creating memorable stories to entertain themselves and their family for hours. 
Sarah's Silks are beautifully made and come in a wide variety of colors.

Grab a few of our Sarah's Silks to pin up as a curtain and your stage is ready for showtime! These beautifully colored silks and accessories will also find their way into countless play schemes. At our house they are super hero capes, flowing rivers, fort walls, leashes for all of our stuffed friends, baby dolly slings, dance routine accessories and so much more. 

Animal Figures

Find this super cute Anamalz Goat and all his friends at Ju-Ju Monkey.
What kid doesn't love miniature versions of the things found in their environment? Psh, I'm 34  24, and I still love tiny little things! For littles, animal toys for toddlers top the list of favorite miniatures. People and animal figurines encourage role play (I'm a farmer! A vet!) and foster imagination, as well as build vocabulary (early words for both of my kiddos included the names and corresponding sounds of many of their beloved animal toys). There are many choices when it comes to play animals, but if you haven't seen Anamalz yet, you have got to come in and check these guys out! Anamalz have a wide variety of seldom found species, like the koalabuffalo, and toucan, as well as the well loved farmyard favorites such as the sheep and horse. These award-winning pose-able wooden animals are made with sustainable wood and plush textiles and soft for little hands. Even better- a percentage of profits goes to preserving nature.

Play Food and Cooking Tools

Give your little one the kid-sized tools they need to create great things.
I think every playroom should include wooden toy food and cooking utensils. Kids love helping us cook and then recreating that skill with their own toys. Pretend food gives children opportunities for sorting, weighing, categorizing, and calculating- all while cooking up some delicious and creative recipes! Try the Sandwich Meal or Breakfast Menu for making fun meals or the Meat and Assorted Fruits and Vegetables Set for fun fine motor-enhancing play.  Add in some tools, like the Plan Toys Baking Utensils and the Kitchen Set (a wooden toy kitchen), and your little one will be set to practice this life skill in an imaginative way!