Baby It's Cold Outside!

Baby It's Cold Outside!
Well, the mild weather was nice while it lasted, but winter is finally upon us. And with winter comes changes in how we care for ourselves and our little ones. Check out our favorite must haves for when the temps drop and the snow falls.

It may be freezing out there, but let's face it- we still need to go outside. Walking through parking lots, outdoor recces at day care, playing in the all happens, so we need to find ways to stay protected from the elements.

Baby-wearing is perfect for keeping warm. Keeping baby's body close to yours helps to maintain body heat and stay cozy, not to mention helping to keep germs away by avoiding shopping carts and close contact with others while out. If you already use one of the many carriers found at Ju-Ju Monkey, investing in a winter accessory, like the Kokoala Coat Extension or the Boba Vest is a great next step. The Kokoala Coat Extension, usable from pregnancy through all stages of baby-wearing, comes equipped with a interchangeable zipper, allowing you to expand your favorite winter coat and make room for carrying baby underneath. Stop by the store with your jacket to get a perfectly customized fitting. Pair it with the Kokoala Baby Hood for extra warmth.
The Boba Vest is a stretchy warm fleece that can be worn over or under your jacket, or by itself in milder temperatures.

WestCoast Baby Bamboo hats and swaddles are perfect for winter layering in the car seat, shopping cart, or even at home. Made from soft, stretchy fabric they are perfect for keeping baby covered and the blankets are a generous 34"x 34", making them great for older babies, too.

Once you're outside and warm, you still need to keep that sensitive skin protected and we've got just the right stuff. Episencial Cheeky Salve is a great way to create a barrier between skin and the cold wind. Use it on lips, cheeks, cradle cap, and anywhere your skin is exposed or dry.  Even better, it's unscented, allergy tested, and so safe, it's edible!

In the bath, fight those dry fly-away winter locks with Hip Peas Conditioner or Detangler. It's hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals, so it's safe for your little ones (but works for the whole family!). Apply some Angel Baby Baby Lotion or Episencial Snuggly Lotion after bathing to keep skin moisturized. If you need something a little "more" to soothe chapped or extra dry skin, try the Episencial Soothing Cream. We loved this to help relieve the itchiness of eczema.

Don't forget yourself! While all of these are safe enough for baby, they can be used by the whole family. Throw in some Earth Mama Angel Baby Lip Balm in yummy flavors like Coconut Smoothie and Lavender Meringue.

One more winter skin care must-have that is often overlooked- sunscreen! What?! Sunscreen in January? Yes! If you and the littles are out playing in the snow, especially. Snow will reflect the sun's UV rays and is often the cause of sunburned faces in the winter. Make sure you have enough Erbaviva or Episencial Sunscreen on hand for those sledding or snowman building sessions.

What about those winter cold and flu season ickys?? We can help you build immunity and relieve cold symptoms with great choices. Sip some Birds and Bees Family Immunity Tea and don't forget your daily Sunshine Heros Elderberry Immune Soft Chews or Calcium plus D3 vitamins to boost immunity and vitamin D levels, especially important in the winter months.
If you're already feeling the effects of a cold, BALM! Baby Eucalyptus Rub can soothe those runny noses and congested chests. It's vegan, all natural formula is perfect for cold and flu season.

If you're interested in learning more about how using essential oils can help keep you healthy and beat the winter blues, join one of our essential oil classes!

Winter is also a great time to try one of Ju-Ju Monkey's many indoor classes, such as Sing and Sign or Kindermusik. Our newest class, Busy Bees and Messy Monkeys, is an awesome child-led multi-sensory arts and crafts class geared towards children ages 18m-5 years. We'd love to see you there!


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