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Your Shining Year 2016 by Leonie Dawson

Leonie Dawson's Diary Planner

Earlier on social media we announced it was a pajama day for Ju-Ju Monkey because a blizzard warning is in effect thanks to Winter Storm Jonas.  We closed the store and asked all of you to share how you were spending the day.

Some are crafting, some are enjoying their stockpile of snacks and drinks, and others were binge watching their favorite shows. We even enjoyed seeing some of the pictures of your pinterest fails for the day.

We are spending the day excitedly working on our new planner system, Your Shining Year 2016 by Leonie Dawson! This is by far the best planner out there for any woman wanting to create an amazing year ahead of them, and I think is a must for any female entrepreneur. We purchased the Biz Bundle and when we got it, immediately we wondered why we did not know about this system sooner.  We will be purchasing it every year without fail a soon as it comes out. We plan to have an annual sit down planning session with our staff and business mentors and have this be our guide!

We have tried a few different planners through the years from digital to paper, and none of them have seemed to manage work, home and goals well.  In fact, this is the first year that we are actually planning ahead. Usually it feels like we are always drowning in playing catch-up.

The key is choosing the right planner for YOU!

Your Shining Year isn't magical by any means, because you can do the same tasks in a lined notebook. The magic comes from your own motivation to use it daily. Do this and you are guaranteed traction in making the year you choose to have. 

Why does Leonie's system work for Ju-Ju Monkey? 

Well one quick hop over to her website to check out what she is about will speak volumes.  Leonie refers to her team as "midwives" and her planners as "miracle babies".

When she talks to you about your goals she refers to "birthing" your dreams.  Everything (emails, images, wording) comes from a positive place and makes you feel eager to be a part of what she created. She dedicates the book to YOU, because you deserve "a life that shines".  

Her products are printed on recycled paper. A portion of the profit from every book goes to support "world-changing charities" like Room to Read, World Wildlife Fund, Red Cross, and Kiva.

Best of all, once you purchase these planners you are able to join on facebook the tribe of incredible, empowered women who are making their life + business dreams come true in a private group.

What should you get?

At a minimum, you should have the Diary Planner. It is what will keep you on track weekly. Each month begins with a monthly calendar, your monthly check in on goals, what you want to focus your intention on for the month, evaluating budget, and listing what actions need to occur to make all this happen. Then a week by week break down of your daily appointments and tasks, and a space to highlight what you were grateful for that week. The month ends with a review section to evaluate your progress and to evaluate why some goals were not met. All from a place of positivity.  

Want to have a look inside?

  2016 Shining Year Diary-Planner by Leonie Dawson from Leonie Dawson on Vimeo.

Next we think if you want to be serious about your intentions for the year ahead, you will need the workbooks. One focuses on business and the other focuses on your life. You can pick the one you want to focus on most, or pick both!

Scroll down and you will see that we are giving away one workbook, 2016 Create your Shining Year in Life, to one lucky winner.

Use the video below to take a closer look inside the Life workbook

  2016 Shining Year LIFE Goals Workbook Flip Through from Leonie Dawson on Vimeo.

If you want to check out the business workbook, you can hop on over to vimeo to flip through the pages of one of the yearly best sellers!

If you are ready to get your own system now, click here to purchase. This is an affiliate link and Ju-Ju Monkey does get credit for referring you.

Just like our store, we stand by all the products and businesses we recommend. We truly feel this planner and Leonie Dawson are amazing. She is another entrepreneur looking to build up community and others. No judgement. No tearing others down. #ittakesavillage

If you still aren't sure, check out social media like facebook and instagram to see how others are utilizing their workbooks and planners under the hashtag #shining2016 or #shiningyear or #leoniedawson

Or try to win in the raffle below! Share with your friends for more entries.


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