Chew On This!: The Blog Post Your Baby Wants You to Read

Chew on This!
The Blog Post Your Baby Wants You to Read

Teething: As parents, we've all been there, or will be soon.  On average, most babies will begin cutting teeth at around 6 months and continue to do so until about 30 months. That's two whole years! During teething, you may notice that your little one experiences excess drooling, rashes on his cheeks or bum, runny nose, discomfort, or pain, resulting in sleepless nights, cranky babes, and lots of extra coffee.  It's a normal part of development and there's no escaping it: but, we can help you and your little one get through it a little easier.

Start by providing your teething baby with some immediate relief through pressure, a.k.a. "teethers". Putting pressure on the gums and emerging teeth often gives baby satisfaction and can relieve some of their discomfort. We have some of the best teething products on the market right here at Ju-Ju Monkey.
My favorites are the super cute AppeTeethers silicone teethers and the award-winning Innobaby EZ Grip Teether. AppeTeethers fun food designs, such as the Baconease or the Chompin' Chicken Wing are definitely a conversation piece. The EZ Grip teether  has a smart design, providing multiple textures, grips, and the ability to reach back into the molars for full-mouth relief. It is also a "training" teether, due to the stimulation to the lips, tongue, and cheeks that improve the oral muscles needed for eating and speaking.

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, try the Green Sprouts Fruit & Veggie Cool Soothing Teethers (filled only with sterilized water and PVC/BPA-free) or the 100% Natural Rubber Teethers from Hevea.

We also have some amazing specialty teething products. The Peppa Teething Doll works double duty as a cuddly doll and a safe cloth teether when dipped in cool water.

 Or check out our great selection of silicon teething jewelry. One of favorites is Chew 42, a stylish array of silicon and wooden necklaces made by a local mom. Selection is updated seasonally or you can contact the store about designing a custom piece.

The Green Sprouts Dream Window Stacking Teething Tower and the Jellystone Rainbow Stacking Teether Toy make great gifts for a new baby.

Sometimes, though, even the coolest teethers need a little back-up. If you're looking for safe pain relief options, we've got you covered. We wouldn't have made it through teething without our Healing Amber necklace and a little bit of Punkin' Butt Teething Oil. Massage a bit of Punkin' Butt (made with chamomile, clove, and peppermint essential oils) on baby's gums for instant multi-sensory relief- it smells and tastes so nice, too!



Once those beautiful pearly whites pop through, don't forget to start caring for them! Good oral hygiene starts with those first teeth and we love our Jack n' Jill products. Try the Natural Toothpaste (free of fluoride, sugar, colors, SLS, and preservatives) available in a variety of yummy fruit flavors along with the Silicone Finger Brush or Silicone Tooth and Gum Brush in the first stages of tooth care.

And as an added bonus, here's a few extra teething tips, straight from the us, your baby will thank you!

  • Try dipping a clean cloth in cool water or breast milk and giving it to baby to chew on.
  • Grab a PlanetWise snack bag or two to keep those teethers clean inside your diaper bag.
  • Offer your baby a teether for a few minutes before nursing. It may help prevent a teething baby from chomping down while eating. You're welcome.
  • Try using a pacifier clip to attach your favorite teether to your stroller or baby carrier.


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