Ju-Ju Monkey Summer Series: Camping With The Kids

Camping is the perfect summer family getaway.  It's inexpensive, easily accessible with sites just about everywhere, and just good, natural, low-tech fun for all ages. Camping with small children takes a little extra planning ahead but Ju-Ju Monkey has got you covered.

Getting into nature is the best part of camping.  Go find some wooded trails, a creek, pond, or even a field to explore.
Protect yourselves from unwanted pests with a non-toxic mosquito repellent. Ju-Ju Monkey has several safe options to keep the bites at bay. Balm Baby Shue Bug Spray is made from natural and organic ingredients right in the USA and is safe for the whole family. We also carry Episencial's Mighty Shield Bug Repellent Lotion. Made from natural plant extracts, Mighty Shield has the natural effectiveness of 20% DEET without containing DEET.

Don't want to bother with sprays or lotions? Try one of the Mosquitno products; we love the wrist bands, ankle bands, and stickers.  These DEET-free citronella infused bands come in fun colors and last up to 120 hours.  The Mosquitno Spotz are stickers infused with the same bug-repelling citronella, lasting up to 72 hours each. Conveniently stick them on hats, socks, carriers, backpacks, etc. for simple, clean protection.

Keep sun and tics away from your hair with a stylish head wrap from Wrapsody. Made from cool cotton gauze, they can be worn as bandanas or headbands for children and adults.

Be sure to pack an easy to use, supportive carrier for when your little one needs a boost on the hiking trails.  The Catbird Baby Mei Tai or Pikkolo and Tula Erogonomic Baby Carrier offer easy on and off and give comfy support to both baby and parent. Ju-Ju Monkey carries a large selection of baby carriers and wraps to meet every need and style along with private and group instruction by certified instructors.

Let your little explorer document their finds along the trail or at the pond by using one of our Mercurius Main Lesson Books  as a handy nature journal. Wide, open pages allow kids to draw and/or write freely. The heavy quality paper is perfectly suited for colored pencils, ink, or wax crayons.

Chow Down
When it's time to gather around the campfire for meals, make life easier with the Din Din Smart Stainless Mealtime Set from Innobaby. This convenient set includes a handled cup, handled bowl, fork/spoon set in a carrying case, and a sectioned platter with a lid, which is perfect for keeping insects away from leftover food. All made from camping-friendly stainless steel accented with fun colors to keep sibling's sets separated. The cups, utensils, and platter are also available to be purchased separately.

Planetwise clear zipper bags and sandwich wraps are a great way to pack food for camping. Reusable packaging cuts down on waste and the clear material makes it easy to quickly grab what you need from your cooler or supplies.

*Summer Tip:  These zipper bags do double duty when you need an easy-to-clean way to pack and organize beauty products, shower supplies, keys, and cell phones in the tent or camper.

If you're washing dishes while camping, you'll need an environmentally-safe way to do so. Allen's Naturally Liquid Dish Soap will get your camping pot clean with a biodegradable formula free of dyes, perfumes, and fragrances.

Melting some gooey S'mores is my favorite part of meals around the fire. If your little one is too young to indulge, Appeteether's Gimme S'more Silicone Teether will make for some adorable snapshots and happy gums at the same time.

When the sun sets, a mani/pedi in Piggy Paint's Radioactive will be so cool to show off under the stars. Radioactive is a glow in the dark nail polish from a non-toxic, cruelty-free line carried in-store and online. Check out their wide range of color choices, as well as non-toxic polish choices for mom, too.

Accidents happen. When you're camping, a wet mattress or sleeping bag can be a little more problematic than at home. We love to bring our Blueberry Mattress Pad along just in case. Lay the soft cuddly pad on top of your child's sleeping surface and if there are any accidents during the night, the waterproof layer will keep your bed dry underneath.

*Summer Tip: Use your mattress pad as a soft mat for baby while at the pool or beach. Or lay it on the bench of your campsite picnic table to protect little legs and bottoms from the rough wood.

Don't forget to pack a little flashlight for the kids to play in the dark or use to navigate the way to the restrooms at night. The Rich Frog Anti-Monster Flashlight is the perfect size for little hands.

Camping With Cloth
If you have a kid in cloth diapers, don't let camping scare you away. We've camped dozens of times in cloth diapers and with a couple little tweaks to our routine, using cloth in the wild can be a cinch.
If you are only planning a night or two away, you'll most likely find that sticking to your usual products and routine will be easy. Just be sure to bring a large enough wet-bag and, if possible, rinse soiled diapers before storing them in the summer heat.
If you plan a longer stay or wish to wash your diapers as you go, consider using flats or prefolds with an easy to wipe cover. Flats and prefolds (flats, especially) will be easiest to hand wash and quick to dry. An easy to clean cover, such as the Blueberry Coverall or Thirsties Duo Wrap will add the extra convenience of being able to wipe soiled covers clean, meaning quicker wash and dry time and less packing.

Hand rinsing and washing can be done in a 5 gallon bucket (inexpensive find at your local hardware store) or a dish basin. You can scrub by hand or agitate with a clean toilet plunger. Dump dirty water in the toilet and be sure to use a cloth-friendly, biodegradable laundry soap, such as Allen's Naturally Liquid Laundry Detergent.  Bring along a laundry line or thin rope to tie between two trees to hang dry your diapers.
*Summer Tip: As gross as it sounds, wildlife may be attracted to the scent of dirty diapers. If your campground has posted warnings to keep food and bath products locked in a car or bear-safe overnight, you should do the same with your dirty diapers.

Upcoming Store Events

Tuesday, July 5th & Sunday, August 7: Mini Mani Party
Join us for a Mini Mani Party featuring Piggy Paint and SOPHi nail polishes for both moms and kids.

Wednesday, July 6: New Session of My Smart Hands begins!
In a playful, educational and language-rich environment, caregivers and children will build their American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary through instruction, interactive games, books and songs. We will discuss the benefits of using ASL with infants and toddlers, you will learn recommended first signs, and easy techniques for successfully integrating signs into everyday life. You will learn over 100 signs to use with your child! Some of the ASL vocabulary covered during this session includes: everyday words, family, food, animals, emotions, opposites, bed time and play signs. Classes are 45 minutes in length and are created for parents/caregivers and babies ages 0-2yrs. to enjoy together.

BOOK HERE under "American Sign Language" -  Only 3 spots left!

Saturday, July 9: Cloth 101 at noon
Curious about cloth? Currently use cloth, but need a little 101 for family caregivers? Join us for a class covering all the basics, from choosing which diapers are right for your family to wash routines, and more. Visit our Community Calendar for details.Saturday, July 9: Essential Oils 101 at 3:00 pm

In order to make educated choices and purchase good quality essential oils for aromatherapy, you need to understand how an essential oil is extracted from the plant as well as what differentiates a good quality essential oil from a poor quality one. In this class we will talk about what are essential oils along with general use, benefits, and safety. Visit our Community Calendar for details.
BOOK HERE under "Cloth Diapers"

Did you know that  that nearly 75% of emotions are prompted by scent?  Have you ever peeled an orange and the smell of it's essence brighten your mood? That is what aromatherapy is all about. Smell is one of the strongest of our senses, and when aromas enter our olfactory it stimulates our limbic system and provokes a response.  However not all essential oils are equal.
In order to make educated choices and purchase good quality essential oils for aromatherapy, you need to understand how an essential oil is extracted from the plant as well as what differentiates a good quality essential oil from a poor quality one. In this class we will talk about what are essential oils and how they are produced.
We will also talk about why some oils cost more than others. How to store your essential oils. General use and benefits for essential oils. An important topic will be safety concerns regarding the use of essential oils in your home, around your children and pets, and while pregnant.
BOOK HERE under "Essential Oils"

Saturday, July 16: I Cut You Out Silhouette Session
Famed silhouette artist Keith Donaldson from Walt Disney World personally cuts each silhouette freehand in just 3 minutes using a pair of surgical scissors and by simply looking at the subject's profile. His credentials include over 12 years experience at Walt Disney World as Master Silhouette Cutter plus numerous children's stores throughout the country. He is considered to be one of the nation's most ACCURATE silhouette artists! His work is truly amazing- You won't want to miss this one!
BOOK HERE under "Special Events"

Have you recently learned about essential oils and are incorporating them into your family? Intimidated by which oils to use and when. In this lesson we will cover how you can blend various essential oils together either for perfume or for a particular purpose. We will cover safe dilution ratios and discuss acute and chronic use.
BOOK HERE under "Essential Oils" and "Lets Make Something"

Consistent with 2010 recommendations for CPR, ECC and first aid and OSHA's best practices for first aid training programs in the workplace.  Course will cover Preparing to respond, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and CPR, AED operation, Choking, Patient assessment, Soft tissue, muscle, and bone injuries, Common first aid situations like bites and stings, heat and cold emergencies, burns, and more. Optional topics include tourniquets, inhalers, and EpiPen® auto-injectors
BOOK HERE under "Child and Baby Care"


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