15 Benefits of Infant Massage

What benefits are there to infant massage? 

Here are the top 15 benefits to learning how to massage your infant and/or child:

  1. Relaxes baby and parents (yes, partners can come too)
  2. Promotes bonding with your baby (or babies)
  3. Relieves discomfort from constipation, gas, and colic (we have a special set of strokes for this)
  4. Normalizes muscle tone and improves blood circulation
  5. Helps baby sleep better
  6. Stimulates brain development 
  7. Improves sensory awareness
  8. Increases parents’ attunement to their child’s needs
  9. Helps baby feel loved and respected
  10. Boosts immune system function
  11. Improves skin conditions
  12. Improves digestion, waste elimination, and respiration 
  13. Relief for teething and other pains
  14. Stimulates production of Oxytocin (hormone produced by both females and males during massage) – useful as a pain reliever and has a calming effect 
  15. Builds a sense of community among parents, as we will be together for 5 weeks getting to know and learning about other topics, such as learning your baby’s behavioral cues (to know when he's hungry, sleepy, ready for play, etc), what oils to use, info about reflexes, specific strokes for the fussy or gassy baby, how to make changes for your growing child (or other children you might have) so you can continue massaging as they grow, and more!

Want to learn how to massage baby? 

We have an exciting 5 week class that starts Thursday, October 20th from 1-2pm. It will continue for 4 more consecutive Thursdays, ending on November 10th

Duration: 1 hour class

Age:1 year old and under

What to Bring: Baby and yourself. This course is open to siblings as well, though I would ask that you bring something along to keep them occupied so we can keep the atmosphere as calming as possible for our little ones.

What if my baby is asleep or hungry? Don’t worry though if your baby’s not awake, is hungry at that time, or just isn’t in the mood that day. You can still learn and practice on a doll provided by us or by watching.

What will be provided:
  1. Take home a “how-to” sheet to use at home so you can practice throughout the week.
  2. You will receive all-natural oil to use on your baby during our classes, as well as weekly handouts.
  3. Some light discussion on parenting topics that interest you
  4. A little graduation party the last week!

Cost: The entire 5 week course is just $100 (that's only $20/class)!

What is the make-up policy? Any missed classes can be made up during a future course at any of the Lehigh Valley locations, and we always review previous week's lessons so you won't ever feel like you've missed out!

How large is the class size? To maintain an intimate group that is hands on and personal, class is limited to 8 families.

How do I register? Please click here.