The Art of Babywearing and Why It Matters

You’ve seen moms and dads out there, pushing their babies in a stroller while constantly checking their phones and barely interacting at all with their babies. When I was pregnant with my first child, I saw that a lot. And it bothered me. I didn’t want to be that disconnected from my child, especially after the bond we had already shared while I carried her in my belly.

I figured there had to be a better way. That’s when I really paid attention to the babywearers I saw everywhere I went. I started asking questions about their baby carriers and what the benefits were. That’s when I became convinced to give babywearing a try. I loved seeing the connection and interaction between those parents and babies.

In honor of international babywearing week from Oct. 2 to Oct. 8, Mom Loves Best has put together this infographic to celebrate the benefits of babywearing and the parents who recognize its importance.
Here are a few highlights from our research.

 Benefits to Babywearing

1. Babywearing Wards Off Tears

One of the most stressful things for new parents is hearing their baby cry and having that crying continue long after you’ve fed them and changed their diaper.

Babywearing can reduce your child’s crying by up to 51 percent, which is a lot easier on your baby. A happier baby means happier parents because we aren’t stressed out from all that crying.

2. It Helps Pack the Pounds on Preemies

If you have a preemie, babywearing is a great ally. Many studies have shown the benefit of skin-to-skin contact for preemies.

One of those benefits is that babywearing helps preemies gain weight. A baby’s weight gain can help you gauge how well they are progressing -- doctors feel better when they see a healthy weight gain in a preemie. When your doctor is satisfied with your baby’s progress, it gives you great peace of mind.

3. It Gives You Back Your Freedom

Babies aren’t the only ones to benefit from babywearing -- parents do too. Being a new parent can be a shock to the system. You often don’t have a free minute to spare. That’s a big adjustment from your pre-baby days.

Babywearing can free up your hands so you can do the everyday tasks you still have to do in addition to your parenting duties -- you can pay bills, do some light cleaning and run errands, all while wearing your baby.

4. Babywearing Wards Off Stranger Danger

As a new parent, one of the scariest things for me was how strangers felt it was their right to come up to my baby in her stroller and start touching her. I also worried about potential abductions if I took my eyes off my baby for one minute on a crowded sidewalk.

With babywearing, your baby is safely tucked up against you, safe from abductions and unwanted touching.

Give It a Try

Even if you’ve never considered babywearing as an option, you might want to do some independent research learn more about it and whether it’s right for you. With International Babywearing Week coming up, there’s no better time to get involved.

When done correctly, babywearing is not only safe, easy to do and convenient -- it’s also a great way to begin forging a lifelong strong connection with your child.

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